Virtual ENS Seminars in 2021

Waiting for the 6th International Symposium on Development of the ENS: the first 1000 days in 2022, the International Organizing Committee has scheduled two virtual seminars  in 2021, which are as follows:

1) May 26th, 2021 (9 am ET/2 pm England/3 pm Europe/11 pm Melbourne)

Neuronal diversity in the Enteric Nervous System – from development to circuits

Speaker: Ulrika Marklund (Stockholm, Sweden)

2) October 27th, 2021 (3 pm ET/8 pm England/9 pm Europe/6 am, October 28th, Melbourne)

Zebrafish as model for studying enteric nervous system development, disease, and function

Speaker: Julia Ganz (East Lansing, MI – USA) 

Important notice
A public chat will be available during the broadcasting to submit your questions to Dr. Ganz for the final discussion; however, in order to attain to the total duration of one hour of the seminar, it could happen that not all questions will be answered. Please, send your unanswered questions to the following address: Dr. Ganz will answer you personally, after the seminar.

More general information about the International Symposium and the two Virtual ENS Seminars will be available soon on thi website.

We invite you to visit it frequently.